Pine Paradise Candle

Pine Paradise Candle
Pine Paradise Candle
Pine Paradise Candle

Pine Paradise Candle

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Lose yourself in the deep forest and allow KLIMCHI’s new luxury candle to warm the soul with rich pine and festive spices. Infused generously with essential oils, Pine Paradise promises the authentic sweet aroma of honey, vanilla and caramel together with traditional gingerbread and star anise. Each candle holder is handblown in KLIMCHI’s studio in a deep woodland green before the scented wax is hand poured in.

Every component of KLIMCHI’s exclusive candle collection is crafted from ethically sourced ingredients and natural materials. We use 100% organic soy wax, ensuring that you can enjoy each unique fragrance without any harmful additives. The wooden wick is genuine Cocobolo hardwood, carefully sourced and crafted to create a slow burning gentle flame. Each candle is richly infused with essential oils and high grade fragrance to bring your home in harmony with nature. 

Volume: 250 ml • 8.5 oz

Diameter: 10 cm • 3.9 in

Height: 11 cm • 4.3 in

Weight: 1.5 kg • 3.3 lbs

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