Aquamarin Drama Vase

Aquamarin Drama Vase

Aquamarin Drama Vase

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Transcendent. Daring. Excessive.  Drama collection is designed for nothing less than sumptuous colour and daring spectacle. Infinite azure and fresh citrine yellow tones balance the vase, evoking a vivid luminescence unique to this colour palette. Blown in our studios and finished by hand, each vase is a unique piece of timeless glass art designed to draw the eye and embolden the soul. Transform your world. Indulge in the incandescent beauty of artisan glass and add a touch of melodrama to any room or tablescape.


Volume: 2500 ml 
• 84.5 oz

Diameter: 17 cm • 6.7 in

Height: 32 cm • 12.6 in

Weight: 2 kg • 2.2 lbs

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